Guild Wars 2 Music Video
Guild Wars 2 Music Video

This music video entitled Epic Redefined was created in an effort to showcase how it feels to play Guild Wars 2. If you’re dying for more Guild Wars 2 content…look no further!

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I feel like I cannot even begin to tell you all everything I experienced this weekend during the first pre-purchase beta event for Guild Wars 2. I had a great time, I discovered a great many things, and did as many different things as I could with the time I had. The best part? I barely scratched the surface!


So it’s been awhile since I tried out the VS. cosplay articles with you guys. I really like the idea of “who wore it best” because I think it’s fun. I hope you do too! This time around we are going with Aeris Gainsborough, my all time favorite character from Final Fantasy VII.


The release date for Diablo 3 is right around the corner (May 15th) and I am happily expecting a beautiful collector’s edition to arrive at my door. Before jumping into the game though, I needed to refresh myself on the lore since it’s been years since I played any of the Diablo games. Check it out if you too were scratching at your memories trying to remember the plot like I was.


It’s been a long time since fans saw live episodes of Invader Zim on Nickelodeon’s broadcast, but perhaps that time will soon come to an end as fan demands are finally met allowing the Irken Empire to once again invade our televisions.